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And we can cut just about anything else mother nature has to offer.  In fact, we've "special cut" 100's of different types of stones into unique thin veneers and special blends. 

Why Has The Market Moved From Installing Full Bed Ledge Stone to Real Stone Thin Veneer?

Why, because the end use consumer is getting a better deal.  The final cost of installing natural stone on personal residence or commercial building is the cost of both the stone and the labor combined.  That cost equation has pushed the market from installing full bed depth natural stone in years gone by, to the majority of the market being the installation of natural stone thin veneer.

Natural stone thin veneer is is the real deal.  It is just fabricated REAL STONE, either in a "processing plant," or occasionally "on the job."  Unlike fake (aka "cultured," or "manufactured") stone, which is made of concrete, plaster and paint products - real stone "thin veneer" is a sawn off portion of the real version of the full stone (100% made by nature).  It has all the properties of the full bed stone; including its hardness, color and natural beauty.  It will not fade or deteriorate like the man made imitations.  If fabricated in a high quality environment, the "processor" will normally saw off the the front and rear "rise" of the natural ledgestone.  Picture taking a brick shaped piece of a full size stone and sawing off the front and back "faces" to yield a natural face, and natural surface top, bottom and ends.  The normal specification is for the stone to have a new thickness of approximately 1" - 1 3/8" and a maximum weight of under 15 lbs per square foot.  Natural looking "corners" are achieved the same way - however more waste is involved if the product is high enough quality to be sawn to have all natural ends.  Again, imagine a brick shaped piece of natural ledge stone, look down at it from a top view, and imagine cutting one "L" shape corner out of it.  The rest of the piece is scrap if it is to have all natural exposed surfaces.

At our company, as a quarrier of natural stone, and also a fabricator of natural stone thin veneer, we don't really care which product is being sold - but the reality is that the consumer has pushed the market towards natural stone thin veneer because the total job cost is less expensive doing it that way.  It all makes perfect sense, dollars and cents!

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